Established in New York in 2016, Artefakt represents an exploration of the unusual and beautiful. The brand spans across all layers of interior design including furniture, lighting, décor, textiles and art.

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ReThink Pink.

Copper & Rose-Gold seating, Tempered Glass surfaces & bright, graphic prints in 50 shades of Pink.

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Very Contemporary.                   The Arte Shop

The Arte Shop offers a curated assortment of affordable framed art from Contemporary Artists around the Globe. All art ships pre-framed for under $100, from a range of styles including graphic-designs, photography, collage, landscape photography and more. **Plus Free Shipping on All Orders**

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Featured Artist           Lust in Space


With a self-described kindergarten-aesthetic, Artist Lust in Space draws inspiration from the Memphis Art Movement and colors of their hometown in Honduras to create bright graphic works, often on their mobile phone.

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Arte Shop Selected Works

Vanessa Granda       'Cuba VII'


Vanessa Granda                        'Chill I'


Richard Vergez                        'Match'


Linas Vaitonis                    'Vacation Postcard'

Lust in Space              'Sun Donkey '


Fred Attenborough                             'XX'           


Christopher Charles Williams  'VIII'